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Charlie D. Carlton was born in 1925 and met his to be wife to be Betty in Slatington, PA. Charlie began working at the Bethlehem steel as a laborer and progressed through the ranks of specialty steel inspecting. Ultimately, Charlie became a specialty steel inspector for Bethlehem Steel during World War II for several years before he was selected and interviewed to become a government employed inspector for the Philadelphia naval yards. The new position was a great opportunity but his wife Betty did not want to leave her home town of Slatington. Thus, putting Charlie in a position to commit to Philadelphia naval yard inspector position or start his own roofing company in Slatington, PA

Charlie started obtaining roofing slates from Penn Big Bed slate quarry in 1947 performing slate repairs with his oldest son ”Willie” as his premier student and his younger brother Greg coming into the business approximately 4 years later. The next several decades Charlie and his sons continued to build the business with quality workmanship and solid ethics throughout the Lehigh Valley  ”Slate Belt” area. As the business was growing and Charlie’s age and health declined in the late 1980’s Charlie’s third son Tracy started in the business at ground level and quickly engage himself in the expansion of the business. Tracy brought youth and knowledge of growing the business into the commercial roofing market. As the business quickly grew into one of the areas most respected commercial roofing companies, Tracy developed key relationships with area developers, general contractors and architects that trusted the family roofing company to perform some of the largest and most complex roofing projects in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Additionally, with Tracy’s family behind him the business was developing into a complete roofing company offering residential and commercial roofing installations, as well as providing repair service work with a highly skilled staff of specialized roofers. Tracy consistently and diligently kept building valued relationships throughout eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey that are still valued and in place today.

As Tracy and Nancy Carlton continued to grow the roofing company, they made a decision in 2008 to re-organize and brand the business as NT Associates owned by Nancy Carlton. NT Associates Inc. has been providing our clients with quality residential roofing, specialty roofing, and commercial roofing services, including roofing repairs since 2008. We will work with you to ensure your roof is well-suited to the design of your home or building and meets your needs and budget. NT Associates is the premier commercial and residential roofing choice for Eastern, PA. NT Associates is a proud registered installer of GAF, Mule Hide and Acralabs to mention a few. Additionally, NT Associates has successfully completed numerous architectural sheet and specialty roofing projects including slate, tile and cedar.

Today, NT Associates Inc. has grown from its humble beginnings in their family home to a leading roofing contractor and employer in Eastern Pennsylvania. With the support of its committed team, field employees, and office staff, the company is committed to providing expert commercial and residential roofing. NT Associates Inc. has always prided themselves on value engineering to ensure quality and roof performance longevity throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.